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Rough with the Smooth Bracelet - A true story teller.

Material: Sterling Silver


Rough with the smooth: Based on our unique men's wedding band designed and created by award-winning master goldsmith Neil Rayment, Sold exclusively at Neil Rayment Goldsmiths. This bracelet holds the same principles as the weddings band, with the design consisting of styled finishes.

The first is the smooth polished section of the bracelet, highlighting the freedom, love, and lifestyle changes relationships bring. The second finish is the rough handcrafted section, highlighting the sacrifice, commitment, and compromises one must make during a relationship. The bracelet physically embodies what it means to be in a relationship. Blended together through a transitioning curve, the rough and smooth sections form together like a companionship.

The first known source of the bracelets proverb dates back to the 15th century in "The Tale of Beryn", which is one of the early manuscripts of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. The Tale of Beryn follows the life of an undisciplined young nobleman who chooses the life of a merchant over being a knight. The hero encounters a series of storms and legal entrapments that would be a nightmare for any medieval merchant in search of riches. The adage "Take your part as it comyth, of roughe and eke of smooth" pays tribute to the meaning behind this ring: Sometimes things will be easy for you, other times they will be hard. 

This bracelet is perfect alongside our bespoke Rough with the Smooth wedding band or worn on its own. Each design is completely unique and made comfortably to fit. 


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2 - 3 weeks