Repair, remodelling, upcycle, repurpose, reimagine jewellery

You don't have to scrap your jewellery; We can repair, remodel, upcycle, repurpose create something new from the cherished old.

We care deeply about and respect the significance of inherited jewellery. It's precious, but sometimes it needs a new lease of life. A simple alteration or re-design or a complete remodel around the original jewellery retaining the sentimental value while creating a piece that suits your style. We understand it is hard to put such a valuable piece into someone else’s hands, but our team of talented designers and expert goldsmiths have unsurpassed skills, knowledge and experience.

Case Study

Treasured inheritance, Hawys came to us with an exceptional collection of inherited and deeply sentimental jewellery. 

She wanted to take her late mother's prized possessions, amalgamate all of the materials, and created three very bespoke rings for herself and her daughters. 

The design

Hawys had a clear idea of how she wanted the rings to look, and it's our job as designers to depict what's in the mind's eye. Our design sessions are fun and informative; we don't mind if you bring a whole host of references to our meeting's the more, the merrier. 

We are double Goldsmith's award winners and specialise in CAD. Thes final renders really helped Hawys imagine what the rings could be.


The craftsmanship

Neil Rayment goldsmiths have been designing, creating jewellery and silverware for nearly three decades. Each piece has these years of experience crafted into them. We love to be a part of these unique designs' continued sentimental journey and the precious metal they are made from.


Jewellery Repair

We repair all jewellery and silverware and have 30 years of experience in this field. From the simple chain repair to Georgian candlesticks, we have pretty much seen it all. We will advise and quote before any repair is taken on and are happy to answer any questions you might have. Some repair can be done on the spot, and we offer a quick turn around if not.

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