Egyptian Cartouche


Classification: Bespoke commission

Stone specification: Emerald

Material: 22 carat gold

Design: Egyptian Cartouche


Dexter sought out a master craftsman who could help him accomplish his ambitious and intricate jewellery suite. His search led him to Neil Rayment in our Cardiff Bay studio, and he brought Neil his 5 year-long design concepts to bring them to life. Dexter’s aspiration was to create an Egyptian Cartouche-style suite which was authentic, historic and unique.



The entire suite consisted of a pendant, bangle and emerald-mounted ring, all crafted in stunning 22 carat gold. A Cartouche is an Egyptian inscription of an oval with a horizontal line at the end which contains hieroglyphs of royal names. In ancient history, Cartouches were originally worn by pharaohs and the oval surrounding their names was meant to protect them from evil spirits after death. The Cartouche was important to Dexter because of its symbolism of good luck and protection from evil and that’s why they are the main focal point of the pieces.



We personalised the jewellery for Dexter by including his own intimate hieroglyphs. The bangle’s hieroglyphics detailed his initials and date of birth, whilst the pendant spelt out his surname Augustus.



Dexter was over the moon with what Neil has created for him and says that he receives plenty of compliments on his stunning and personalised suite.



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