Sarah's Cycling Inspired Wedding Band


Classification: Wedding band

Band material: Reynolds 953 Steel

Design: Custom-made unique wedding band


Sarah came to us all the way from Nebraska, USA to commission a unique, custom-made wedding band. Her story was that her and her fiancé love cycling and it is a huge part of their lives, in particular they are fans of steel frame bikes. Therefore, her request was for her fiancé's wedding band to be made from Reynolds 953 Steel, a renowned and very strong, lightweight metal used to build professional, high-spec bicycles.

This was a very specific request, and one that Neil had to think about how to approach it. The first step was sourcing the material of Reynolds 953 Steel. Then, Neil cut three layers from the pipe form that the metal came in. Finally, using and intense level of heat and high-level craftsmanship skill and experience, Neil riveted the three layers together and hammered them to stretch the ring to the correct size. The end product was a simple, yet sleek and clean wedding band design that our client was extremely satisfied with.


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