A Craftsmen of Unique Jewellery

Jewellery that tells a story

Imagine your most cherished piece of jewellery. What stories could it tell? That its brilliant gems were carefully selected from the diamond district in Antwerp? That the jewels were set and its precious metal shaped by a master maker in his workshop? That you were integral to the design process and met your jeweller in his Cardiff Bay studio to share ideas, Welsh cakes and freshly brewed coffee?


Neil Rayment is a master maker who brings heritage and a lifetime of craftsmanship to his work. He creates custom pieces and exquisite collections, fusing tradition with technology. His expertise is paired with an extraordinary customer focused approach, making every jewellery purchase a memorable experience.  


Ask Neil about his early apprenticeship in London, about the time he learned his trade on the torch-lit workbenches of a city jewellers, or when he crafted pieces for Hollywood A-listers. Each piece of Neil Rayment jewellery is part of a story. The next part of the narrative is up to you.


Jewellery Craftsmanship, Heritage and Expertise

Respecting the heritage of fine jewellery craftsmanship is imperative at Neil Rayment. As a master maker, Neil’s understanding of material and technique means you can trust in his expertise when planning your tailor made design. Passing on traditional skills is an important part of the Studio; as such Neil Rayment provide apprenticeships to select graduates. The cachet this training passes to apprentices, means they are often sought by outside jewellery firms, contributing some of Neil’s prestigious flair to the local industry.    


Extraordinary Service and Experience in bespokely designed jewellery

Whether commissioning a piece of jewellery for your engagement, birthday, wedding, or other celebration, the experience at Neil Rayment will make your occasion even more special. You’ll be invited to the studio to meet your master maker Neil, who will set the scene with fresh coffee, Welsh cakes and jazz music, advising and inspiring you while discussing ideas for your tailor made jewels. Fusing traditional skills with cutting edge technology, Neil provides clients with 3D CAD images of their designs, allowing a preview of your jewellery before it is created. Our approach is friendly, sincere and always attuned to your needs. Each Neil Rayment item comes with a bonus rare gem – a lifetime guarantee.


Your Handcrafted Jewellery Master Maker

If you’re looking for jewellery design with a difference, choose a maker who is exceptional. With over 25 years as a silver and goldsmith, Neil threads dedication and creativity through everything he does. He’s a Shotokan karate master, a windsurfer, and lived in California for over five years, where he enjoyed a Hollywood film career. Neil’s jewellery craftsmanship has been a constant throughout his life adventures.


Born in Kent, Neil studied Fine art at Canterbury University before an intensive silver and goldsmith apprenticeship at the prestigious Medway College of Art and Design. He started his own business in London at the age of twenty-three, after being mentored by some of the best contemporary silversmiths in the UK and working in a traditional city jewellery shop throughout his training. Items he created and collaborated from scratch include six-metre pure silver cake stands and trophies, to ceremonial swords and perfume bottles. Multi-award winning, Neil has received many Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Awards; a Lonmin Design Innovation Award; and Cardiff Life Award nominations.


A film and TV career blossomed from Neil’s martial arts expertise, leading to parts in high profile Hollywood films and relocation to California and Sydney. Back in London, Neil fell in love with Welsh-born Ceri, and decided to move his business to Cardiff Bay where he now enjoys the inspiration of both city and sea.