A Bespoke Journey to
Unique Handcrafted Jewellery

I - Meet the Master Jeweller

You’re at the Neil Rayment Studio in Cardiff Bay to discuss commissioning a custom piece of jewellery that will mark a special occasion. Your master maker is brimming with knowledge and ideas, and takes time to listen closely to yours. You feel inspired and at ease. You, Neil and your partner plan your design over fresh coffee, Welsh cakes and jazz music. 

II - The Unique Jewellery Design

A week or so later, you receive a 3D image of your design, along with an invite for feedback. Neil uses a fusion of craftsmanship and cutting edge technology. It’s exciting to see a preview before the finished piece is made. It’s just what you hoped for.

III - Handcrafted Jewellery

Your master maker goes to work. He consults the design blueprint to ensure he’s making exactly the right piece for you. You receive a wax master preview, allowing you to see and feel just how your jewellery will look. Once you’ve approved the master, your maker carefully selects brilliant gems from the diamond quarter in Antwerp. He sets the jewels and shapes the precious metal in his workshop.

IV - Your Jewellery's Story Begins

Each piece of exquisite Neil Rayment jewellery is part of a story. You’re thrilled with the finished item and the whole experience has been a special one. You receive your very own handmade jewellery beautifully boxed and delivered in around six weeks. It comes complete with certifications and photographs, ready for your special occasion. The story of the jewellery continues with you.

V - The Jewellery Craftsmanship

When looking for jewellery design with a difference, it makes sense to start with your maker. With over 25 years as a silver and goldsmith, Neil threads dedication and creativity through all of his pursuits. He’s a Shotokan karate master, a windsurfer, and lived in California for over five years, where he enjoyed a Hollywood film career. Neil’s jewellery craftsmanship has been a constant throughout his life adventures. 


To arrange your consultation with Neil Rayment online, by telephone or in person, call 02921 328114 or email neil@neilrayment.com