Apprentice Brief - Nicole

As a traditional master maker and having trained as an apprentice himself, Neil feels it is important to champion young aspiring designers and makers especially in Wales.  As such, he has asked his two young apprentices to create a personal, independent project based around a semi-precious stone they have selected from the International Jewellery trade fair London.

The Brief

To design and create a commercial piece of jewellery based on your chosen stone.  The object is to find creative flair within boundaries of making a piece of jewellery that is a personal expression. 


Stone Choice


Emerald cut is a very traditional cut for coloured stones, it emphasis the richness of colours beautifully.  I was attracted to this Tourmaline by its clear rich green and its hints of oriental.  Being Chinese, it would be great to design something with the influence of my background. So, sketch time!



Visuals inspire me. I love to surround myself with images when I am designing. 




I wish to design a ring that is noticeably Chinese by drawing details from its traditional architectures and patterns. The Tourmaline will be set with the side of the stone visible to display it's richness of colour. 


CAD Progress

To refine the design, I have started sketching what I envision in CAD.

CAD allows me to visualise my thoughts instantly; it allows me to alter anything very quickly. With this 3D image available, I can work out the proper dimension and mechanism of the design a lot easier and quicker than hand sketches. I will continue developing the design in CAD and work towards a printed 3D model soon. 


Once the basic shape has been created. I have focused on the detail of the ring. I am building the window pattern to form the right side of the shank at the moment. It is a repetivitve and time consuming process. I shall be showing the next screenshot when I have completed the pattern. (It might take a while....... )