Bespoke Wearable Tech

A comfortable, wearable new-age accessory. This collaboration of precious metals and modern materials is more than meets the eye. The innovation, experimentation and creativity of this design is like no other. This is a prototype of a “payment bangle” that could change the way we accessorise and go one step further than having a contactless card. Fully customisable and personalised, the rubber strap comes in a variety of colours as well as different grade thicknesses from super soft to rigid. The stylised top plate is interchangeable so it can be worn every day or for a special occasion – gone are the days when you’re fumbling around in your bag at the bar looking for your money. The bangle is completely bespoke, the customer’s initials are engraved on the sides, and the Irish green emeralds on the screws represent her home. This is personal, wearable tech. This is the future.