Celebrating the soaring majesty of middle eastern falconry


Destination Middle Eastern royalty, our brief was to create a unique piece of Objet d’art. The royal families of the middle-east have a longstanding tradition of flying birds of prey, particularly falcons. Thus, commissioned by Saker Arts, we were tasked to design and create two unique falcon hoods with busts. From base to crest, the bust stood at just over 260mm. The falcon hoods were created to a very high standard calling on 20+ years of experience. They were expertly set with approximately 44-carats of fine diamonds. 


The client was so happy with the product that the original commission blossomed into a whole suite of jewellery, ranging from Cufflinks to bangles and pendants. The falcon hoods were present throughout the design of each unique piece of jewellery, a testament to middle-eastern Arabic culture—the perfect little miniatures.


This was a fantastic commission of some true pieces of objet d’art. With the specification at the highest end of jewellery and silversmithing, it brought out every skill from our team. We could not be happier with the outcome.