We are closing our doors again but for just a short time.

As of Saturday, October 24th, to meet with the new regulations, we will be closing our shop door for a while and reopening on Tuesday, November 10th. We will still be here working behind the scenes, keeping everything ticking over, ready for when we're allowed to reopen.

Don't worry!

Q: What do I do if I have a consultation booked?

A: You don't have to do anything. We will be in touch with you this week to reschedule or to make arrangements to have a virtual consultation.

Q: Can I come and collect my jewellery?

A: Unfortunately, due to the new regulations, we are unable to let anyone into the shop.  We will get in touch and work out a way to get them to you safely.

Q: I have a commission that you are working on, when can I expect it to be ready?

A: The workshop is still a hive of activity behind closed doors, and all delivery dates will still be met. We will be in touch if we need to arrange delivery.

If you have a question that requires immediate attention, then please feel free to contact us via the link below.


Contact us!