Diamond from grandmother's ring

An 18th is one of the most important birthdays to many people; and parents often help to celebrate their children's big day in memorable ways. 

David, Siobhan's Dad, decided to gift his daughter something very special indeed on her 18th birthday.  He brought a diamond to his design consultation with Neil Rayment, that had belonged to Siobhan's grandmother. He wanted to recycle the diamond, and use it in a new piece of jewellery uniquely designed for his daughter. 


This piece of jewellery was to be something personal and sentimental to Siobhan, it was all about the love and precious memory of her grandmother along with being able to feel that her grandmother was close. During the meeting, it was decided that a simple and elegant necklace would be perfect for Siohban. A necklace would hang close to her heart, as a perfect reminder of love.


Neil came up with couple of designs following on from the design meeting, and one in particular caught Siobhan's imagination. She was very excited about the design and seeing the finished piece. 


A few weeks later, the beautifully crafted necklace was complete and Siobhan came to pick up the piece with her dad. She was so happy with the necklace that she said she intended to show the piece off, instead of keeping it a purely personal sentimental item as she originally thought. 

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