Fascinating Piece of History

We recently had the pleasure of setting this suffragette coin into a spectacle pendant. Historically these coins were defaced with the words "Votes for Women" during the suffragette movement to get an equal political vote between men and women. The coins were deliberately defaced on the king's side of the coin as he was the constitutional monarch, and head of the Church of England. Coins change hands so often this form of awareness reached a broad audience.

According to the British Museum, they pinpoint this origin of the coin stamp to around the First World War. No one was ever caught for the stamping of the coins, so there's a possibility it was all done by a single individual. Women over 30 eventually got the right to vote in 1918, which we recently surpassed the 100th anniversary. However, it wasn't until 1928 that women were given the same voting rights as men. The 100th anniversary of that is slowly approaching.

A fascinating piece of important history and a joyous piece to work on. Let's hope this piece lives long into the future.