Loved & Cherished Ring

Unique bespoke ring created in the memory of our client’s father. Created from the fathers wedding and signet ring, this inherited and sentimental gold was melted down and recycled. The idea behind the ring was to create something that encapsulated the love and relationship between father and son. The son shared stories about his father’s support throughout his life and wanted the ring to represent that support and commitment. The final design was a Roman forearm handshake, beautifully emphasising the camaraderie and support they shared.

Handcrafted by award-winning master goldsmith Neil Rayment, the sentimental recycled gold was hammered and forged using traditional methods. The finished product was an iconic sculptural design that will be cherished and continue the remarkable story. We at Neil Rayment adored the philosophy and meaning behind the ring. The name for the ring derived from cherishing every moment and memory with your loved ones. The history continues in the ring.

The Plan

Loving the design and philosophy so much, we have created a larger version in recycled silver and will be forging these into bangles in the near future.

We loved working on such a sentimental project with a fantastic story. Projects like this bring the very best out of us. We are so glad the client loves his ring, and it’s a solid testament to his relationship with his father.

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