Art Nouveau Silver Bangle

Custom-made gifts are the most thoughtful kind for your loved ones, as you can design something that's inspired by an individual's experience and interests. Mark, who commissioned Neil Rayment to craft a bespoke bangle for his wife Mary, wanted to appeal to her love of art nouveau and the floral style. 


To begin the process, Mark and Mary were invited to the studio for a free design consultation with the experienced master jewellery maker Neil Rayment, who frequently creates bespoke pieces for his clients. Mark and Mary had rough ideas of how they would like the bangle to look, and Mary brought images that she loved. From the images and the design meeting, Neil discovered that Mary was very into the art nouveau movement, therefore delicately incorporated this style into the design. 


Two weeks after the design meeting, Neil produced a screenshot of the initial design and emailed this over to Mark. Mary and Mark found the process “very exciting,” and enjoyed being able to see every stage of the making of this birthday gift. Mary was very happy with the design; the screenshot enabled her to envisage how the bangle would look in real life. At this point, Neil inspired them to play with the design a little bit. Mark highlighted parts that they loved and parts they would like to change to make it the perfect piece they had in mind. 


Neil will always listen to comments from his clients and consequently makes changes to a design to satisfy their wishes. A new screenshot was then produced for his clients. This process is repeated as much as needed until the client is happy to go ahead to the next stage. For Mark and Mary, this process was carried out five times, and Neil was more than happy to continue further if required. Mark and Mary were very pleased with the fifth adjustment, so Neil started producing a wax version, and finally the sterling silver bangle. 


About a month later, Mark picked up the completed bangle, which was beautifully packaged and boxed ready for his collection. He was so happy to see the final product. He later commented, “Mary loves it and has been wearing it all the time, admiring it. We both love it so much and it will be a treasured piece of jewellery for years to come. I wanted to say thank you for your patience whilst deciding on the final design and we are so grateful for your time and wonderful piece of jewellery we now have.”




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