Samaritan Necklace


Specialising in creating bespoke pieces means that we are regularly approached to turn ideas into high-quality finished products. This is precisely what happened for this articulated sterling silver necklace. Our client wanted something special as a retirement gift for his wife, who had devoted her life to the Samaritan charity and helping others. With such an exciting and challenging piece, we began work right away.

With their own design concepts in hand, we started bouncing ideas back and forth. It is important to us that the client is involved throughout every stage of the design process. We want to make sure that whenever we work with a client, it's inclusive, enjoyable, and they're getting the expert knowledge needed to guide them through the process. This ensures that customers receive the best service possible.

The retirement gift had to embody the philosophy of the Samaritan charity, giving way to its asymmetrical free-flowing organic look. The colour green was also essential due to the charity logo being of that colour. The gaps on each individual component of the necklace also resemble the Samaritans logo, which features cut-outs on either side of the logo, focusing on human connections and individual personalities.

With the Samaritan ethos in mind, the necklace was created from ethically sourced sterling silver. Each part was designed and created by award-winning goldsmith Neil Rayment. Such a sentimental piece like this deserves the expertise, and 25+ years of experience Neil has to offer. Once Neil had worked his magic, the final piece was presented to the customer. A true celebration of the recipient's uniqueness, the finished product featured a stunningly unique articulated sterling silver necklace with a vibrant green enamel and textured surface. This was everything the client expected and more.


We hope the recipient enjoys a wonderful retirement and takes as much joy out of the necklace as we did creating it. If you have a bespoke piece idea, get in contact.