Secret Garden Pendant

Imagine you could design a secret garden, all of your own. Tall walls surround it, and only you have the key. What would you include in your garden? These are questions to consider when designing your very own Secret Garden pendant, made by master maker Neil Rayment.


Here at Neil Rayment Jewellery we create tailor made commissions, especially designed to suit each customer’s taste, budget and occasion. Our master maker Neil also makes his own artistic collections and one off pieces, inspired by his many loves from surfing and the sea to the Welsh landscape. When a customer commissioned a necklace based around an antique piece that her mother had owned, this sparked an idea for Neil, and The Secret Garden Pendant came to be.


Shaped by hand from sterling silver, the pendant can be personalised to include the flowers, letters and symbolism of your choice. Imagine the sun is shining and your garden is bright with the colours of newly bloomed flowers. You can choose any variety in the world, so which would you include in your garden pendant – daffodils, roses, or perhaps big and bold sunflowers? You can fill your garden with personal touches that refer to your life. Would you choose the initials of a loved one, or perhaps the village of your childhood? Maybe you’d pick Celtic knots to represent your Welsh identity, as well as love or friendship. Ideal as a gift, you could design a Secret Garden pendant that’s perfectly attuned to your loved one. Whatever your vision, we’d love to discuss your ideas over coffee here at Neil Rayment Jewellery.



“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” 
Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Secret Garden



Secret gardens are magical places in both literature and real life, sometimes spanning both. In Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic children’s novel, the character Mary Lennox uncovers a garden in her uncle’s estate, which allows her family and her happiness to flourish. Lewis Carroll wrote a ‘Garden of Live Flowers’ into his sequel to Alice in Wonderland called Through the Looking Glass, and Oxford’s Botanic Garden plays a key role in Phillip Pullman’s Dark Materials trilogy.



The Neil Rayment studio is based in historic Cardiff Bay, and we have plenty of rich garden inspiration here in Wales. Bute Park and Arboretum once formed part of the grounds of Cardiff Castle and dates back to Roman times. The fifth Marquess of Bute gifted the park to the people of Cardiff in 1947, and a ‘Secret Garden Café’ recently opened in the heart of the park. Set in the beautiful Carmarthenshire countryside, the National Botanic Garden of Wales is a beautiful blend of modern and historic. There are National Trust gardens all across Wales, from Penrhyn Castle and Erddig House in the North, to Tredegar House in the South.


You could visit a few of these lovely gardens or read some novels to gain ideas – wherever you find your inspiration, call Neil Rayment Jewellery on 029 2132 8114, or email for an informal chat about the design of your very own Secret Garden pendant.