Sentimental Vessel

A highly sentimental, bespoke ring that combines history with the future. An original Roman coin encased in silver and rose gold, this piece is destined to be a valuable heirloom. Worlds collide on the band, with the Roman numerals depicting the date of birth and the triquetra representing Celtic heritage.


This ring was created to be given as a gift to the customer’s son on his 21st birthday. Born in 2011 Macsen is only 7, so how do we create a ring that we know will fit him in another 14 years time? Our master maker Neil came up with an innovative design that consists of a built in section within the ring band, which means that it can be easily resized in the future.


Magnus Maximus, also known as Macsen Wledig (in Wales) was a Western Roman Emperor in 335 AD. Not only does young Macsen share a name with the Emperor, he was also born on August 28th which is the day that the Emperor died more than 600 years earlier.


There is a welsh folk tale called “Breuddwyd Macsen Wledig” which translates to “The dream of Emperor Maximus” where the Emperor dreams of a fair maiden in a distant land and send his men across the globe to find her. The fair maiden, Elen was found in Caernarfon Castle, and in exchange for her hand in marriage Macsen gave her father sovereignty over Britain (giving power back to the Britons).


This ring is the perfect example of the uniqueness and quality that comes with every piece of Neil Rayment bespoke jewellery. With incredible craftsmanship and innovative design, you won’t find a piece like yours anywhere else.