Signet Ring

Signet rings, also known as 'Gentleman' rings or 'Seal' rings have deep roots in history. Commonly used to bear the family crest or coat of arms, they are a symbol of heritage and often a cherished heirloom passed down through generations. We recently created this beautiful piece for a customer who wanted to create his own custom signet ring.

Dating back to ancient civilisations, engraved seals made of stone were used to make clay impressions. Over time, this evolved and by the Middle Ages, they were still practical but also denoted wealth and power. With the rise of sealing in wax, the signet ring began to evolve and take the form we know today. Nobles and kings of the past would sign important documents with their ring, usually bearing the family crest, and was considered for a while the only way to authenticate the origin of a document, as they were all unique to the owner. Later again still in the 19th century, the rings became more ornate and set with jewels such as ruby, garnets, and amethyst. By the end of the century, the rings became more accessible to all people, and it became more and more common to own a signet ring. 

Today, signet rings are still gaining popularity with people for different reasons. Some people still commission rings bearing a family crest, and they are popular in some groups and societies. The rings are undergoing a modern revamp, now often being worn by celebrities and models such as Pippa Middleton, Kate Moss, and Bruno Mars.

There are many styles for both men and women, many using it as a creative outlet rather than heritage. Whatever your reason, we can create a bespoke unique piece of quality jewellery just for you.