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Skyline Bangle in Solid Silver and Italian Leather


Material: Sterling Silver


Sydney - the showcase city of Australia, has one of the most recognisable and famous skyline's in the world. A beautiful blend of development and natural harbour, where the landmark of Sydney - the white Opera House - reflects like a flower in the perfect blue water. It is no wonder why our master maker Neil Rayment has fallen in love with this place in his short relocation to Australia.


What is your beloved skyline? Perhaps it is a city you have grown up in; or is it a place full of precious memory where you and your loved ones have travelled to? No matter what that might be, Neil will capture and craft that special skyline for you as a bespoke piece. For more information, please email 


Carefully crafted in black oxidised sterling silver and fine Italian leather. Please refer to the information box below for the colours available. 


2 - 3 weeks


Available in 4 different coloured leather: Orange, White, Burgundy and Black.

White = Sunrise

Orange = Midday

Burgundy = Sun set

Black = Nightfall