Handmade wedding rings


Möbius strip - a modern and unique wedding ring.

Material: Silver, golds or platinum. Prices start from £250


Möbius strip Ring:  We are not the first to be mesmerized by the everlasting curves & connections, but we do handmake all our Möbius rings to order. Make your Möbius wedding ring unique by adding inscriptions or precious stones set along its never-ending edges.


A little bit about Möbius strip: A Möbius strip, band, or loop also spelt Mobius or Moebius. It is a surface with only one side (when embedded in three-dimensional Euclidean space) and only one boundary curve. The Möbius strip is the simplest non-orientable surface. It can be realized as a ruled surface. Its discovery is attributed independently to the German mathematicians Johann Benedict Listing and August Ferdinand Möbius in 1858, though similar structures can be seen in Roman mosaics c. 200–250 AD.


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