Handmade wedding rings


Rough with the Smooth - A true story teller.

Material: Platinum or Gold, prices start at £1,100 to


Rough with the smooth: A unique men's wedding band designed and created by award-winning master goldsmith Neil Rayment. Sold exclusively at Neil Rayment Goldsmiths, the ring is part of our new men's wedding ring range.

Much like a relationship, the ring's design comprises two very different elemental styled finishes. The first is the smooth polished section of the ring, highlighting the freedom, love, and lifestyle changes relationships bring. The second finish is the rough handcrafted section, highlighting the sacrifice, commitment, and compromises one must make during a relationship. The ring physically embodies what it means to be in a relationship. Blended together through a transitioning curve, the rough and smooth sections form together like a companionship.

The smooth and rough sections also highlight emotions. The smooth polished texture exemplifies the sentiment on the surface. In contrast, the rough texture is a depiction of the layers of emotion one has underneath.

The ring is perfect for someone who understands the hard work and commitment that a relationship brings and someone who wants to be proud and show off their level of devotion to their partner.

Each ring is unique and custom made to fit comfortably. The design comes in two materials: Platinum and Gold. The chunky ring weighs in at 15g and can be custom engraved to personalise it even further.

2 - 3 weeks