Egyptian Cartouche

On a warm midsummers day, Dexter arrived at Neil Rayment’s studio in Cardiff bay to start his bespoke jewellery journey with us. Surrounded by the aroma of coffee and welsh cakes during the consultation, Dexter explained that he wanted jewellery that was authentic, historic and unique. Dexter had spent a lot of time researching and searching for a craftsman that was able to bring his ideas to life authentically, and finally years later he found Neil, who was able to take a 5 year design concept and develop it to it’s fullest potential. At Neil Rayment Jewellery, we are proud to offer a luxury customer experience, where master maker Neil creates bespoke jewellery tailored to every individual’s taste.


Striking in 22 carat gold, we created a pendant and bangle inspired by ancient Egyptian culture. A cartouche is an Egyptian inscription of an oval with a horizontal line at the end which contains hieroglyphs of royal names. In ancient history, Cartouches were originally worn by pharaohs and the oval surrounding their names was meant to protect them from evil spirits after death. The Cartouche was important to Dexter because of it’s symbolism of good luck and protection from evil and that’s why they are the man focal point of the pieces. We personalised the jewellery for dexter by including his own intimate hieroglyphs. 

The bangle represents who dexter is, his identity. The hieroglyphics contain his initials and date of birth.

The pendant spells his surname Augustus.   

22 carat gold was used to make the collection because it’s the highest level of almost pure gold material that is hard enough to produce jewellery that can be worn for a lifetime. A higher carat would have been too soft for the intricate hand processes. Dexter was very specific about the aesthetic authenticity and the weight of both the pendant and bangle. The pendant is 1 ounce Troy and the bangle is 3 ounce Troy. An ounce Troy is heavier than a normal ounce (around 10%) and is used to measure the weight and value of precious metals. The craftsmanship and design of making the pieces only adds to the material value of the weight of the gold used. 


The twisted wire chain for both the pendant and bangle were made using traditional hand processes that are hundreds of years old and have been passed down from generations. Our master maker Neil learnt these traditional jewellery techniques at college and will continue to pass them on to his apprentices, continuing the tradition. 

Dexter is a very proud man who knew exactly what he wanted for his bespoke jewellery, and Neil Rayment brought his ideas to life. Upon completion of the pieces, Neil took Dexter out for champagne to celebrate his artistic addition, it’s so important to us that our customers are happy and proud to wear our bespoke jewellery. Dexter was over the moon with what we created for him and says that his jewellery is a huge conversation starter. People often ask him if they’re antiques or if he stole from an Egyptian pyramid - a huge compliment for Dexter and Neil’s craftsmanship. 

This is not the end of our Egyptian story with Dexter... watch this space.