Lynda's Eternity Ring


When you’re full of the joys of life, sometimes you want a bespoke piece of jewellery to celebrate! This was the case for Lynda. She had started playing netball again after years off the court and was generally feeling fabulous, so she and her husband Simon commissioned Neil Rayment Jewellery to design and create a ring that expressed this energy and vitality. It was set to be a celebration ring with a twist or two!


Organic, flowing shapes - with bling!

Lynda made an appointment to chat about her ideas with master maker Neil over coffee and Welsh cakes. Simon had discreetly called Neil beforehand to discuss budget, so on the appointment day, Neil and Lynda were free to talk pure design and fun. Informal chats are a chance for Neil to get a sense of customer personality and lifestyle - important factors when designing a custom piece of jewellery. This was even more vital for Lynda’s ring commission, as she gave Neil complete artistic freedom to create a Neil Rayment original. Inspired by Lynda’s liveliness and creativity, Neil’s design sketches incorporated flowing organic shapes and twists – not forgetting a generous sprinkling of diamonds to reflect his client’s love of bling, and her sparkling personality!


How will the commission work with my existing rings?

Fusing his prestigious craftsmanship with cutting edge technology, Neil offers 3D preview images of his designs using CAD. This allows customers a visual of how their custom made pieces will look, also adding to the anticipation of receiving that special finished item.  Another stage of Neil’s process is to create a wax render – which allowed Lynda to try on a wax version of her ring next to her engagement and wedding rings. Our master maker Neil always considers the existing jewellery a customer wears, ensuring his pieces complement them in both style and fit. The next step was to create the platinum element of Lynda’s ring, enabling her to experience the tactility of her design in raw precious metal. 


Ensuring a memorable experience

At Neil Rayment Jewellery, gradually revealing the beauty of a commission is important. Through building a design in stages over a well-organised six weeks or so, clients are very involved in the process and their item becomes imbued with memories, making their experience a special one. Lynda visited our studio to try her ring in raw platinum, test the weight and learn where Neil had personally sourced the materials. Neil made some slight sizing tweaks, and scheduled an appointment to present Lynda with her finished celebration ring.


A big unveiling and a big “wow!”

On a gloriously sunny day, Neil set the scene with his signature jazz music, Welsh cakes and coffee; welcoming Simon and Lynda to his historic Cardiff Bay studio for the final unveiling of their special commission. Polished to a deep lustre and set with five brilliant diamonds, our master maker Neil had encased the completed custom-made ring in his beautifully designed boxes and bag. Once unveiled, Lynda slid the ring onto her finger and the combination of bright gems mixing with light slicing through large windows caused a glittering explosion of rainbows to dance around the room. Her exclamation of “wow!” summed up the couple’s happy reaction!


Considerate Craftsmanship

Considerations that Neil explores when designing a personalised piece of jewellery, include the perfect positioning of gems, how the precious metal forms will appear in certain lights, and whether the item is weighted and balanced correctly. Neil challenges himself as a craftsman to create jewellery tailor made to each and every customer - perhaps responding to specific style requests, or reflecting client personality in art form. In Lynda’s case, she has a unique piece of celebratory jewellery that can bring her joy every day – feeling special in the knowledge that it's one of a kind.


To discover the possibilities for your very own personalised commission, call Neil Rayment Jewellery for an informal chat on 029 2132 8114 or email