Rachel and Taraq

Proposing can be one of the toughest things to do, and sometimes it's just better to do it together. Rachel and Taraq are in the company of many; making a joint decision to get married and deciding together on Rachel's engagement ring design.


There are some interesting statistics available about engagement ring purchases. It is said that over 68% of women would have preferred a choice in their ring design, and having a bespoke piece made with their partner would have been as romantic - if not more so - than a proposal surprise. Something to think about!  


Taraq found us through an online search, and contacted master maker Neil to discuss his idea of designing an engagement ring with Rachel. This was a great way to begin the process as Taraq and Neil privately talked over the budget, meaning on the day of their appointment Neil discreetly only mentioned design possibilities within Taraq's price range.


Rachel and Taraq travelled through the bespoke design journey with Neil Rayment Jewellery - resulting in the perfect engagement for Rachel.



A year later, Rachel and Taraq returned to Neil Rayment Jewellery to enjoy the bespoke service once again, this time for their wedding rings. During the process, Neil even created a wax model for Rachel to try; making sure the fit and the balance of her two rings was perfect.  


Final CAD design for Rachel's engagement and wedding ring




For a relaxed and still romantic environment well not contact Neil Rayment Jewellery as a couple to realise your bespoke engagement ring. Call 02921 328 114 or email neil@neilrayment.com.